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Autism and trauma

A Neurodiversity Affirming Guide for parents + professionals by Spectrum Gaming


This site was developed in coproduction with over:  

350 autistic young people from the Spectrum Gaming community

150 autistic adults

600 parents

80 professionals

with special thanks to 

Dr Naomi Fisher, Clinical Psychologist:

Kirsteen Wilshere, Independent Social Worker: 

Nanny Aut, Autistic Advocate:,

How did people contribute to this?

Over 350 autistic young people, 150 autistic adults, 700 parents and 80 professionals joined focus groups, attended live writing sessions (where we meet and write together), had 1:1 interviews or completed surveys to share their views, and one of the results of this work is this guide to autism and trauma. 

This resource is truly coproduced, and has the views of autistic young people at its heart. In order to ensure it is factually accurate, the work we did was reviewed by experts in the area:

  • Dr Naomi Fisher

  • Kirsteen Wilshere

  • Nanny Aut

And their edits were reviewed by young people on an ongoing basis to ensure they helped to make the guide better, while also keeping the authenticity of young people's views/insight. 

I have feedback!

We are always open to feedback to make our content the best it can be.

Do you think something should be added? Should something be changed? Would you like to add an extra section, or contibute art/graphics/videos? Please email


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